Veronica Towndrow-Bree - Whitehaven Coal
With a passion for geology, Veronica never dreamed that she would end up in the mining industry but after a vacation program at Northparkes mines, she knew it was the job for her.
Now working for Whitehaven as the Coal Processing Superintendent, Veronica’s role means she is integral to the mine’s operation, providing vital information as miners work through coal seams and rock.
Veronica sees the challenges of being a woman in mining first-hand, especially in leadership roles, and is hopeful that through guidance and changes in workplace culture, these challenges can be overcome.
Veronica’s job sees her mentoring young people, teaching them about geology and mining. As part of the WIMnet NSW Mentoring Program, she is helping young girls in the local community see that mining is not just a career for men and that they too can reach senior positions.

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