Peabody’s Wambo mine is smashing the myth that mining is not appealing to women.
Since 2018, Wambo has seen a 20 percent increase in applications from women and 40 percent of the successful candidates from assessment centres. This has increased Wambo’s overall female participation to 25 percent. 
To achieve this, the mine implemented a range of strategies to support its drive to increase female representation in its workforce.
These strategies include a centralised employment assessment centre, training for senior Wambo staff on diversity and inclusiveness, promoting STEM subjects at the mine’s school and university engagements. Wambo has also partnered with the NSW Minerals Council and the Robogals network to host female students from the University of NSW at the mine site.
Peabody acknowledges there’s a way to go, however the company is excited to develop new strategies to make mining a career path that more women choose.

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