Layli Gall - Liddell Coal Operations
Working on the Liddell Coal Operation as a heavy equipment operator, Layli has always set out to “beat the boys”. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Layli has become a strong role model for all women in mining.
After a near-fatal motorcycle accident left her husband, a fellow miner, with severe spinal damage, Layli became the sole income-earner for her family while her husband recovered. Her determination and resilience became an inspiration to her family and work colleagues.
Losing a close friend and a family member to suicide prompted Layli to put her hand up for Mates for Mining, a program which gives workers someone to talk to when they feel depressed or suicidal.
Her care and concern for others around her are only matched by her strong work ethic and willingness to improve conditions and efficiency on the mine site.

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