The NSW Mining - Small Business Achievement Award*

*For companies under 20 employees

Local businesses providing essential supplies and services are vital to our mines. The Small Business Achievement Award recognises businesses demonstrating a strong and mutually beneficial working relationship with the NSW minerals industry. 

Read our interview with Ben Wnydham, Director of Airspeed Aviation and winner of 2016 Small Business Achievement.
Eligible entries may include:
  • Examples of innovation or collaboration with other businesses to improve mine operations
  • Demonstrated efficiency and performance improvements through specific strategies and processes
  • Outstanding leadership and a positive contribution to the local community and economy. 


Award winners have been announced. View the winners here.


Judging Criteria

1. Overview (10%)
  • Name of company and nominated person to receive the award and job title.
  • Overview of your business and its relationship with the NSW minerals industry. 
Word limit 150 

2. Planning (25%)
  • What are the challenges your business has faced over the past 12 - 18 months 
  • Explain your strategies to achieve sustainable growth or improve efficiency and performance.
  • Did you collaborate with mining clients developing and implementing these strategies and if so, how?
Word limit 250 

3. Performance and improvement (50%)
  • Describe your business performance over the past 12 months. 
  • What measurable results did you achieve? 
  • How did your business add value to the performance of your mining clients?
  • What have you learned over the past 12 months? How will you build on those lessons?
Word limit 500 

4. Your contribution (25%)
  • Tell us about any special partnerships you’ve contributed to in the community or local business.
  • How has your business or employees shown leadership or excellence in business or the community?
Word limit 250


Best of Luck!

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