The NSW Mining - Outstanding NSW Tradeswoman/Operator/Technician Award


The Outstanding NSW Tradeswoman/Operator/Technician award recognises the achievements of women working in trades, operators or technicians in the resources sector in Australia, breaking new ground for women in non-traditional fields. It also recognises her resilience, achievement of goals and mentoring of other women in these fields.


Selection criteria

1. How did you come to work in your current occupation? Why did you choose a career in this sector? Why do you continue to work in the resources sector?
Word limit 400 

2. Please describe your contribution to your company and/or the resources sector and/or the community through your work

Word limit 400 

3. Provide evidence of your contribution to the attraction and/or retention of women in the resources sector (for example being a role model or mentor or through leadership)
Word limit 400 

4. List your leadership qualities and explain how you are breaking new ground for women in the industry
Word limit 400

Best of Luck!

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