The NSW Mining - Gender Diversity Champion Award (Male or Female)


The Gender Diversity Champion award recognises an individual, male or female, who has shown excellence in the encouragement, promotion and advocacy for the attraction retention and promotion of women within their company and/or the Australian resources sector.


Selection criteria

1. Demonstrated record of advocacy for women in resources. How have you encouraged, promoted and advocated for women in resources (for example through recruitment processes, changing workplace culture and working arrangements)?
Word limit 400 

2. Outcomes/impact of advocacy (eg statistics) and their sustainability (eg not reliant on the actions of a single person alone)

Word limit 400 

3. What is your vision for gender diversity in the resources sector, including any planned initiatives? Provide examples of initiatives either underway or in the planning stages
Word limit 400 

4. What are your career achievements?
Word limit 200

Best of Luck!

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