2016 Health, Safety, Environment & Community Award Winners

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We are pleased to announce the winners for the 2016 Health, Safety, Environment and Community Awards. 

Each award recipient has been acknowledged for their innovation and excellence in ‘workers health’, ‘mine safety’, ‘environmental sustainability’ and ‘community engagement'.

Please take the time to read their award-winning entries and watch their videos below.
Health Excellence

Heart At Work, CMOC-Northparkes Mines

In 2014, the CMOC-Northparkes Mines (Northparkes) Health Team identified that many people (including employees and community members), were at risk of developing a disease that kills thousands of Australians per year – cardiovascular disease. In 2015, Heart at Work Program was born, and a challenge was put to the entire Northparkes Mines community, in an attempt to reduce the modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease, and to incorporate some of those learnings into the community. The 12 month program saw some amazing individual and team results – including one individual losing an amazing 17.7kg in the weight loss challenge.


Safety Excellence

Safety Light,  Moolarben Coal Operations - Yancoal

Moolarben Coal Operations (MCO) employees were engaged in a consultative process to discuss issues and potential solutions for collision incidents between heavy mobile equipment in operational areas. All crews developed ideas and solutions and the most appropriate was deemed to be a signal light on the roof of tracked heavy equipment in operating areas. This entailed the operator initiating radio contact to dozer operators who then acknowledges through the signal light to establish positive communication between the operating equipment. The solution was risk assessed and trialled under a controlled environment for a period of time. MCO employees were again engaged at the end of the trial period to assess the outcomes and highlight any deficiencies and concerns. There was only positive feedback from employees and the system was implemented on all tracked equipment with an acceptable cost per unit. Since the implementation of the safety light system there have been no further instances of collisions between heavy mobile equipment in MCO's operating areas


Environment Excellence

Recreating Nature: Bowmans Creek Diversion, Ashton Coal Operations - Yancoal


Ashton Coal is located approximately 14 kilometres Northwest of Singleton in the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW. The operations include an underground coal mine, which is overlaid by the watercourse Bowmans Creek. In December 2010, Ashton Coal was granted approval to redirect sections of Bowmans Creek, to allow for the optimised mining of coal at the Ashton Underground Mine. The proposal involved the construction of two diversions to mitigate potential impacts on the flow of Bowmans Creek, in the event mine subsidence affected direct hydraulic connection to the creek.


Community Excellence


Cadia District Enhancement Project, Cadia Valley Operations - Newcrest Mining


In 2012 Cadia Valley Operations (CVO) launched a project designed to address concerns of near neighbours that their agricultural land was devalued by the location of a major mining operation in their district. The goal of the Cadia District Enhancement Project (CDEP) was for CVO to work with its near neighbours to create environmental and community benefits for the Cadia district which would enhance the value of the area as an agricultural, mining, or lifestyle choice because of the mining operation, not in spite of it. In four years since its launch, the CDEP has become an inclusive community partnership, with residents of the Cadia District volunteering to form a governing committee, actively driving projects and working closely with each other and CVO representatives as equal partners in a community collective.

Community Excellence in Aboriginal Employment & Enterprise Development


Whitehaven Coal Maules Creek Mine Aboriginal Employment Strategy, Whitehaven Coal

Whitehaven Coal’s vision is to be Australia’s leading independent coal company. Within the next five years our workforce will grow to over 1,000 people. We take great pride that we started in the Gunnedah Basin and we focus on employing our workforce from the local communities. We believe that the best way we can assist to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is by offering the opportunity of stable, long-term employment. Whitehaven has made a commitment that our Maules Creek workforce will contain at least 10% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. During early recruitment at Maules Creek we are already exceeding our aspirational target, with 12% of the Maules Creek workforce being Indigenous.

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