NSW Government projects allowed to bypass planning system quagmire

October 10, 2019

The NSW Government needs to explain why it has repeatedly fast-tracked its own large and controversial projects through the state planning system, bypassing the Independent Planning Commission, while expecting other major projects to endure a lengthy, uncertain and costly assessment process that is costing jobs and investment in NSW.

Six year wait for Rix’s Creek approval highlights broken planning system

October 04, 2019

The approval of the Rix’s Creek South Coal Mine Continuation Project by the Independent Planning Commission (IPC) is welcome as it will secure more than 300 existing jobs, support local communities and businesses, and boost the NSW economy.


Our natural resources are precious - our mineral resources, water resources and land used for food production and other important industries. Mining does have an effect on the environment. Our job is to keep it to a minimum. We work hard at it and there are strict regulations in place to make sure it happens.
While mining only uses around 0.1% of the land in NSW, our mining operations must be planned, operated and completed to minimise potential impacts on land and biodiversity, water, air quality and noise. Plans for mining projects go through rigorous independent scientific assessments to make sure environmental impact are minimised and managed, and we invest huge resources in new and innovative ways to reduce our footprint.  
Mining begins with exploration, when the potential for a mine is first identified and environmental data collection begins. Exploration is a key part of mining, but does not guarantee that mining will occur. 
Before a mine is approved, environmental management plans must be developed and approved by state and federal government regulators. The independent Planning and Assessment Commission decides whether major mining proposals can proceed. These plans make sure the mine adheres to legal requirements and that there are systems to manage and minimise potential impacts on the environment and surrounding communities.
Mining is a temporary land use and when mining is complete, we restore the land to valuable post-mining uses that are determined by the government. We put a lot of effort and resources into making sure that the land can be used for agriculture, biodiversity conservation or other uses. You can learn more at World Class Miners.

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