Air Quality Resources

The Upper Hunter Mining Dialogue has developed several air quality education resources for Upper Hunter stakeholders. These resources will help to improve community understanding of air quality in the Upper Hunter, and actions the NSW Government and the mining industry are undertaking to minimise impacts to the community.

The Dialogue has prepared two fact sheets about air quality in the Upper Hunter. One contains information regarding air quality in the Upper Hunter and outlines what particulate matter is and why it is important that it be managed effectively. Another contains information on the key actions that the NSW Government and mining operations in the Upper Hunter are undertaking to ensure that emissions are minimised wherever possible, and should air quality issues arise, that they are effectively managed. Please see the links below for further information.

Air Quality in the Upper Hunter - What is particulate matter and why is it important?

Air Quality in the Upper Hunter - Actions to improve air quality and manage impacts
“Clearing the Air” is a short video that highlights the actions that are undertaken on mine sites to minimise air quality impacts to surrounding communities in the event of adverse weather. The Dialogue's Joint Working Group for Emissions & Health led this project, and thanks all stakeholders involved in the making of this video.